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COVID-19 PinnacleBrit

We are writing to you to set out the measures we are taking as a service provider, in response to the escalating situation in the UK due to COVID-19.
We are monitoring all updates to the UK Government policy and guidance and would keep all our clients and staff updated on any changes.
At Pinnaclebrit, we are still committed to supporting our most vulnerable clients in their homes during this worrying time, in line with the NHS and government directives.
We do understand that those we support in the society belong to the most vulnerable group affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, of whom have been asked to self-isolate during this time.

To reassure our clients and their families that we are taking adequate precautions to keep their loved ones safe, below are some of the steps we have put in place to combat COVID- 19:


1) They have been asked to wash their hands regularly and use hand sanitizers as advised by the government. As an employer, we are ensuring that this is adhered to.
2) They would have protective items of clothing needed to do their job to ensure that they and the service users are protected.
3) They are to cover their nose and mouth with tissue paper when they sneeze or cough and dispose of the tissue appropriately by following the guidelines issued by the UK government.
4) Our staff would be asked to self- isolate if they have any of the symptoms of COVID -19 for up to 7 days, or 14 days if they live with others. If your carer is affected, we would inform you immediately and provide you with a replacement carer if need be.


We would ask our clients to please contact NHS 111 immediately if they or any member of their family has any of the COVID- 19 symptoms as directed by the government below:
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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Pinnaclebrit is here to support you and your family through this global pandemic.