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At Pinnacle Brit, we are fully committed to delivering nothing but the Pinnacle of quality home care services across the nation. Our support is directed primarily towards older people who have a need to live safely within their own homes and retain their personal freedoms and independence. The range of services we offer stretches from hourly visits all the way to 24-hour live-in care. Our aim is to provide both our clientele and their families with peace of mind.

Equally, we are fully committed to ensuring Pinnacle Brit is a wonderful place to work within. It is highly important for us to know that our team feels valued, that they thrive and achieve lasting fulfilment from the rewarding and compassionate work they do for us and our clients.

We continue to develop and grow our business for the betterment and security of everyone, by adhering to our four core values: Caring, Integrity, Teamwork and Development.

Our Values


This is a fundamental core principle of our practice, we take great care to ensure that Pinnacle Brit’s team are warm-hearted, possess deep empathy, treat ALL our service users and their families with dignity and respect and above all sincere about what they do.


For us, integrity means maintaining fundamental honesty with all our clients, co-workers and ourselves. We know from experience, we are aware that our individual actions would build a cordial relationship between our service users and ourselves.

We take actions to reinforce this and ensure our clients and families maintain their peace of mind, such as keeping a real level of honesty and openness with them and ourselves, sticking to our guns by being reliable always, and making sure we keep our clients’ safety and best interests at the forefront of what we do.


Every individual is unique in their strengths and weaknesses, it is thus by sticking together as a team that we can achieve our greatest successes. At Pinnacle Brit, we operate at our optimum levels as a team, which is what enables our clientele to receive a professional level of support from our services.


At Pinnacle Brit, we are committed to continuous professional developments of our staffs and management. Regulations are always evolving, and we strive to ensure that we acquire the knowledge needed to provide our clients with the best care possible.

Every staff is fully vetted and trained before working with our clients.

We offer field spot checks to our careers and call them in for trainings and one to one reviews on a constant basis, ensuring that continuous quality care is provided to our users.