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For Carer

You will get paid based on the number of hours of weekly care delivered to our service users. Payment is generally made via BACS.

Where required we will take the time to review your application form and CV. Naturally, if you have relevant experience in professional care then we’ll take the time to talk to you over Skype to obtain further details. We will then contact two of your references before checking your ID, DBS and rights to work in the UK. Once your application is completed you will undergo our induction training.

A caring personality: In order to be good as a home carer, this has to be something you passionately want to do. You must have a desire to improve others’ lives based on your own compassion.

Previous care experience: Although this is not mandatory, prior experience can serve as an advantage.

Visa: It is mandatory that you are legally able to work in the UK. 

Good Spoken English: It is imperative that our service users are able to understand your English.

Ideally You Need A Driving Licence: While it is not essential for you to have a driving licence, it will be a huge advantage.

Completely up to date training: It is necessary for all of your core training, from medication, moving and handling, first aid and safeguarding is up to date –  this will all be completed during your induction training.

We are fully compliant with UK law, and you can work maximum 6 days per week.

This depends on Pinnacle Brit’s agreement with the Social Care team or the private service user. It can start from 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour. We also may have longer shifts.

This depends entirely on Pinnacle Brit’s contract with the Social Care commisioning team or the private service user. Some service users need help during the night on certain occasions and this is a part of our contract to deliver.

No, You will be covered by Pinnacle Brit’s Liability Insurance.