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Elderly Care

It goes without saying that having a home is forever one of the most important aspects of one’s life, whether old or young.

What does Elderly Care offer? Quite simply, it provides elderly people with a level support and care unique to their individual needs whilst allowing them to remain in their beloved homes.

At Pinnacle Brit, we are equipped with a team of dedicated care workers who are more than able to provide many different services for elderly persons – ranging from assistance with taking medications to standard household stuff to bathing and more.

These services include:

Running a home, due to the varying demands this places on people, can often be overwhelming task – especially for older persons. At Pinnacle Brit we can offer help of all kinds through our team of care workers, be it as simple as sorting out dinner, the laundry or washing the dishes.

  • Cooking
  • Doing laundry or dishes
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Household cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Household repairs and seasonal household organising
  • Running various errands
  • Walking the dog, looking after pets and/or visiting the vet

Quite naturally, poor health or reduced mobility is frequently an obstacle for the elderly, particularly with regards to personal hygiene and healthcare. At Pinnacle Brit, we provide nursing and home care services wherever they are needed. Our expertly trained care workers can provide support with essential activities of all kinds, from using the bathroom to getting dressed and more.

  • Dressing and bathing
  • Using the toilet
  • Hair styling and/or applying make-up

At Pinnacle Brit, we are highly aware that one of the key aspects of caring for the elderly is supporting their wellbeing. For this reason, we have a nursing and home help service to assist them with staying on track with their medications in various helpful and compassionate ways, such as gentle reminders of when to take them. Our dedicated care workers can also offer advice on health eating, help with exercise and encouragement with things such as regular consumption of water.

  • Reminders to take medication
  • Reminders to drink water
  • Help with devising exercise plans

Pinnacle Brit holds the belief that one of the main passions for living a person holds is something which comes from those around them. Our compassionate care team has experience at supporting both the emotional and psychological wellbeing of both the elderly and their families. One core focus of home care is developing meaningful relationships between the elderly and care workers to encourage happiness, independence and socialisation.

  • Teaching skills (how to use smartphones, the internet, etc
  • Playing social games of various kinds
  • Going to the cinema, social clubs or theatre
  • Helping to walk the dog
  • Accompaniment on travels
  • Running errands for the elderly

Because every elderly person is a unique individual, and there are a variety of conditions that affect the physical and mental health of elderly people, we at Pinnacle Brit offer a variety of home care services to aid with such things, from helping an elderly person after they have spent time in hospital to assisting with dementia specific care. Our well trained and professional carers can offer help wherever it is most needed.