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For Client

Our carers seem to find a real satisfaction from the manner in which we work and an excellent pay rate compared to an average company.

Our rates are very competitive to other providers. For more information on our pricing, please contact us.

We operate across all the UK. Since the carers will be living with you, it rarely matters where they live; most are quite content to travel long distances.

We most definitely provide care for couples; and it is assessed on an individual basis.

Most assuredly; for example, carers are able to come on a more short term basis – between a few days and weeks if needed. Nominally the minimum placement is roughly a week but shorter placements are possible.

Hourly care is our specialism, and we are also able to provide sit-in, live-in and long-term care if needed.

Yes – this is an issue we take under serious consideration always. All of our carers have had relevant criminal record checks or DBS checks to ensure this and we check things such as their right to work in the UK and ID. We use a minimum of 2 references; furthermore many references have no issue talking to potential clients, so you could also ask them.

Our carers have all had some previous care work experience; this is something we ask of them, and this ensures formal training prior to registration has been received by them. We also provide induction training before they are sent out to provide care to our service users.  For our service users which require advanced techniques in handling and moving to be done, we also require our carers to complete specific training.

For continuity in care, we encourage our carers to work 6 days a week, given a day off as per law. However, there is no need for our services users to worry about anything because on the carer’s day off we will assign permanent cover carer.

Typically not, because carers inevitably need breaks as they work 6 days a week and will require time to see friends and family and take holidays.

We have carers available for immediate starts. No two service users’ needs are identical and therefore we always encourage our service users to provide us all the information in order to provide a carer specific to their needs.

Please rest assured, we are a highly experienced care provider and we always allocate the right care for your individual needs. However, should you not end up liking your carer, we will be happy to support in the best possible way.

As part of our HR policy, most of our carers are on our payroll. They are directly employed by Pinnacle Brit.

We’ll find someone for you as quickly as possible if you need a replacement carer.

We provide what is called a suggested contract between the client and the carer. Amendments could be made to this contract provided both parties are comfortable with this. What the contract outlines is what the carer and client are to be expecting from one another.

Payment is upon invoicing and generally depends on the nature of Pinnacle Brit’s contract with the service user.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. For further information please refer to their website –